Onewheel vs. Electric Skateboard: Choosing the Best Fit

Onewheel vs. Electric Skateboard: Choosing the Best Fit

There are countless electric personal vehicles on the market right now, and some are much closer in design than others. That’s why having a good comparison between all the seemingly similar options can be beneficial before you buy. Here, we’re talking about Onewheel vs. electric skateboards and choosing the best fit for you.


There are a lot of design differences between the Onewheel vs. electric skateboard and choosing the best fit means you should know them. The electric skateboard is just like a normal skateboard with a battery and motor, while the Onewheel is a single wheel electric board with a motor as well. More than just the number of wheels, the size and placement of the wheel on the Onewheel is unique as well.


Another major difference between the two vehicles is the control methods for each vehicle. The electric skateboard uses a controller you hold while driving, giving you control over the speed and directions of the vehicle. The Onewheel uses leaning and tilting by the user's stance for navigation, a lot more like a regular skateboard without the kickoff.


One major advantage the skateboard holds over the Onewheel is its various options and brands. There are only a few different models of Onewheels, giving some choice in your quality and price range, but it’s nowhere near the dozens of models and brands that make electric skateboards. This means that finding a skateboard that fits your exact needs isn’t hard in comparison with the Onewheel.


In terms of their range and charge, the skateboard generally holds an advantage against the Onewheel, with vehicles in the same price range as electric skateboards don’t have the same range or charge time. Even the top speed is generally better for the skateboards.

These are the major things you should know about Onewheels and electric skateboards before you make a purchase. By honestly considering what you need in your vehicle and buying the one you best align with, you’ll be happy with your final decision.

12th Nov 2021

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