Top 3 Best Electric Skateboards With One Wheel

Top 3 Best Electric Skateboards With One Wheel

When most people think of a skateboard, they think of a four-wheeled plank that you can ride. But that’s not always the case, as there are also electric skateboards with only a single big wheel. These unique transport vehicles are growing in popularity along with the increase in electric vehicles. If you’re considering getting a single-wheel electric skateboard, start by learning about the top 3 best electric skateboards with one wheel.

Onewheel Pint

The brand Onewheel is probably the most famous name for one-wheeled skateboards in the world—and for a good reason. The OneWheel Pint’s a great showcase of what the company can do. The vehicle mixes skateboards and hoverboard controls, with leaning being the main way you get around. With a max speed of 16 mph and a top range of 8 miles, the Onewheel Pint’s perfect for short trips or commutes around town.

OneWheel+ XR

The Pint isn’t the only vehicle that OneWheel has that sets the company apart. Although the OneWheel+ XR’s more expensive, it makes up for it with its amazing top speed of 19 MPH and range of 18 Miles without much change in weight. This keeps the vehicle portable, while more than doubling how far you can travel with the electric vehicle before needing a recharge.

SurfWheel SU

One of the few competitors of OneWheel, SurfWheel tries vastly different designs from OneWheel but still produces great vehicles at a much lower cost. The point of the SurfWheel SU is that you feel like you’re surfing the whole ride. With airless wheels that won’t go flat and LED lights, the SU’s great for travel at any time. The SU has a top speed of 12 mph and a max range of 10 miles, making it good for shorter trips rather than commutes, but also great for fun drives.

These are the top 3 electric skateboards with one wheel that you should consider for your vehicle. All of them are great for personal travel vehicles and can make any short trip fun.

15th Oct 2021

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