Why Suspension Matters for Electric Scooters

Why Suspension Matters for Electric Scooters

Posted by Laiba Fatima on 19th Sep 2023

Electric scooters are like the cool kids on the block when it comes to getting around in the city. They're portable, affordable, good for the environment, and make getting from A to B a breeze. But here's the thing – they have a secret helper called "suspension." In this blog, we'll dive into why suspension systems are a big deal for electric scooters. Additionally, we'll delve into essential suspension maintenance tips, ensuring your scooter remains in peak condition. We'll see how they make your rides more comfortable, safer, and just all-around better!

Why Suspension Matters in Electric Scooters 

Suspension is like a secret helper in electric scooters, and it's super important for two big reasons:

  1. Keeps You Safe
    • Suspension helps maintain stability on different terrains, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. It ensures that the rider remains balanced and the scooter stas in control even on bumpy roads.
  2. Makes Your Ride Comfy
    • Electric scooters with suspension offer a smoother and more comfortable ride by absorbing shocks and vibrations. This makes the journey more enjoyable for the rider compared to vehicles without suspension, like bicycles.

Nanrobot Electric scooter with Suspension

Understanding Suspension Systems

Before we dive into maintenance, let's briefly discuss the types of suspension systems you might find on your electric scooter:

  1. Spring Suspension: The first type of suspension is called spring suspension. It works using a special spring system that helps make your ride more comfortable when you're driving on bumpy roads. The spring absorbs the shocks from the rough terrain, so your ride stays smooth and steady.
  2. Hydraulic Suspension: Another kind of suspension is hydraulic suspension. It uses a special device filled with pressurized liquid. When your vehicle goes over rough ground, this device expands with the liquid inside it. This expansion pushes against other parts of the vehicle, making sure it stays close to the ground and doesn't bounce up and down. This helps keep the vehicle stable and balanced.
  3. Rubber Suspension: The last type of suspension is made of rubber, just like its name suggests. This rubber suspension is really good at giving your ride flexibility, support, and a soft feel that helps soak up bumps and shocks. One more cool thing about rubber suspension is that it can store a lot of energy in a small amount of weight. This makes your scooter lighter and faster, which is a good thing!
  4. Air suspension: Equipped in high-end electric scooters, Air Suspension offers precise adjustability for diverse riding conditions and superior shock absorption, ensuring a smooth, controlled ride adaptable to different rider weights and preferences.

Inmotion RS electric scooter with best suspension

Electric Scooters with Suspension: Pros and Cons

Electric scooters with suspension stand apart from standard electric scooters because they come with a built-in suspension system. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these special scooters:


  1. Greater Stability on Rough Terrain: These scooters offer a much smoother and safer ride on bumpy or uneven paths thanks to their front and rear suspension systems.
  2. Larger Air-Filled Tires: Electric scooters with suspension often have bigger, air-filled tires and wider decks, which help absorb shocks and bumps for a more comfortable ride.
  3. Quality Construction: These scooters are usually built with high-quality materials and components, making them durable and improving overall ride quality.


  1. Higher Price Tag: One significant drawback is that these scooters tend to be more expensive than standard models. Their added features and benefits come at a cost.
  2. Heavier Weight: Despite efforts to keep them light, the suspension mechanisms make these scooters heavier compared to standard ones. This can make them less convenient for some users.
  3. Learning Curve: Riders switching to electric scooters with suspension may find it a bit challenging at first. It might take some time to get used to the differences in handling and feel. Patience is key during this transition.

Smartkick N1 E-SCOOTER with Suspension

Routine Maintenance 

To ensure your electric scooter's suspension remains in top condition, follow these tips:

  1. Spring Suspension
    • Regularly inspect springs for cracks or damage, replacing worn-out ones.
    • Apply lubricant to spring joints for smooth operation.
    • Adjust preload or damping settings if the suspension feels too soft or stiff.
  2. Hydraulic Suspension
    • Check hydraulic fluid levels regularly.
    • Look for fluid leaks or damaged seals, fixing them promptly.
    • Adjust compression and rebound damping settings as needed.
  3. Air Suspension
    • Use a pressure gauge to check air pressure regularly.
    • Inspect for air leaks or damaged seals, repairing or replacing affected parts.
    • Keep air chambers clean to prevent blockages.
    • Adjust air pressure for desired stiffness and comfort as per the manual.
  4. Rubber Suspension
    • Regularly inspect rubber dampers for wear or damage, replacing as necessary.
    • Keep dampers clean from dirt and debris.
    • Monitor their condition as rubber dampers are typically non-adjustable.

These simple maintenance steps will help keep your electric scooter's suspension in good shape.


Electric scooters with suspension systems offer an elite riding experience, characterized by improved traction, balance, and handling. To make the most of your investment, it's essential to perform routine maintenance and address any issues promptly. By keeping your scooter's suspension in top shape, you'll enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable ride, ensuring that your money is well-spent.

Whether you own a scooter with spring, rubber, or hydraulic suspension, a little maintenance goes a long way in ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. Remember, safety should always be a top priority when riding your electric scooter. Stay tuned to SmartWheel Canada for more informative blogs and tips to enhance your electric scooter experience. Happy riding! scooter, unicycle or bike should carefully assess their suspension requirements before making a purchase.