KingSong KS S16 Alcidae 2800W Electric Unicycle (EUC) with Suspension

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~50 km/h (31.1 mph)
~130 km (80.7 mi)
33 kg (72.7 lbs)
120 kg (265 lbs)
40 Deg
16 x 3 in Off-Road Tire
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  • KingSong KS S16 Alcidae 2800W Electric Unicycle (EUC) with Suspension
  • KingSong S16 Alcidae Electric Unicycle with Suspension
  • KingSong S16 Electric Unicycle
  • KingSong S16 Electric Unicycle Suspension
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  • Buy KingSong S16 Electric Unicycle Canada
  • KingSong S16 Electric Unicycle Canada
  • KingSong KS S16 Alcidae 2800W EUC
  • KingSong S16 Alcidae Electric Unicycle
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  • KingSong S16 Alcidae Electric Unicycle Canada
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Introducing the King Song KS-16 Alcidae: Be Swift, Be Affordable...

Experience Freedom and Comfort

Discover a new way to explore the world with the King Song KS-16 Alcidae, a remarkable 16-inch suspension electric unicycle. Swift, affordable, and designed for optimal comfort, the KS-16 Alcidae invites you to embrace a unique mode of transportation that effortlessly adapts to your journey.

Max. Speed

Unleash the thrill as the KS-16 Alcidae accelerates to a maximum speed of 50KM/h after covering 5KM. The idling speed stands at an impressive 70KM/h. Factory alarm settings include first-level alarm at 18km/h, second-level alarm at 19km/h, third-level alarm at 20km/h, and a tilt-back feature for added safety.

King Song KS-16

Exceptional Mileage

Roam freely with a remarkable mileage of around 130km. Conditions tested at load: 60KG, temperature: 25-30℃, no wind, and a steady speed of 20km/h on flat roads.

Conquer Inclines with Ease

With a remarkable gradeability of around 40° (84%), the KS-16 Alcidae takes on steep gradients with confidence. Tested at load: 60KG, temperature: 25-30℃, this unicycle ensures a smooth ascent.

Powerful Battery Performance

Battery: 80 LG50LT cells Rated Voltage: DC 72V Top Charging Voltage: DC 84V Rated Capacity: 1480Wh Equipped with an intelligent BMS battery management system, the KS-16 Alcidae offers balance, overcharge, overcurrent, short-circuit protection, and abnormal analysis. Operating temperature ranges from -10℃ to +45℃.

Kingsong S16 Features     Kingsong S16 ELECTRIC UNICYCLE

Sturdy Load Capacity

Ride with assurance as the KS-16 Alcidae supports a maximum load of 120Kg.

Efficient Charging

Input Voltage: AC 100-240V, Output Voltage: DC 84V, 5A Charging Time with 5A Charger: Approximately 4-5 hours for 1480Wh battery (charge time halved with two identical chargers)

Kingsong S16 EUC     Kingsong S16 EUC

Smooth Suspension Experience

Featuring China-made suspension with a 750 lb spring suspension, the KS-16 Alcidae boasts a mounting hole at 195±2mm. Spring Suspension travel distance measures 51mm, while body suspension travel reaches 88mm.

Kingsong S16 Suspension     

Safety and Convenience EUC Port: Four-core 12mm aviation head charging port (x2), Power switch, Light sensor, 1USB-A, 1Type-C Output Power: USB-A output 15W, Type-C output 20W Tailight: Under braking conditions, taillight and atmosphere light illuminate simultaneously

Advanced Protective Measures

Lift Sensor Switch: Touch detection enhances user handling sensitivity Roll Protection: Protection angle set at 45 degrees; motor halts beyond 45 degrees and restarts after righting Speed Limit Protection: Buzzer alarm or speech broadcast + pedal tilt back for overspeed situations Low Power Protection: Gradual speed decrease from 30%, alarm at 5%, pedal lift at 0% High Temperature Protection: Tilt back at 80℃ motherboard temperature, and 140℃ motor temperature

Robust Waterproofing

Silicone sealing enhances waterproof performance for motherboard, ensuring a secure waterproof guarantee.

Discover the future of personal mobility with the King Song KS-16 Alcidae. Unleash the possibilities as you ride with comfort, control, and exhilaration.

Advanced Motherboard Design

Our innovative 4-layer board structure enhances stability, enabling the KS-16 Alcidae to operate with utmost precision. With 12 imported MOS tubes in TO-247 large packages, your 2800W motor receives unwavering support. The MOS tube is directly integrated onto the aluminum alloy main board seat, and the seat's bottom connects directly with the body, ensuring rapid heat dissipation for sustained and stable operation.

Revolutionary Music System

  1. Enjoy seamless Bluetooth music streaming by connecting your mobile phone to the EUC. Embrace Bluetooth 5.0 technology for superior sound quality during music playback.
  2. Our independent stereo sound design, featuring a 10W tweeter + 15W bass unit configuration (x2), along with a unique guide hole, enriches bass and enhances treble clarity.
  3. Simply plug a USB disk into the USB-A port to enjoy your favorite tunes. The EUC also offers 1* Type-C Fast Charge + 1 USB-A output, supporting USB drive music playback.Kingsong S16 EUC Speakers

Efficient Charging and Mesmerizing RGB Lights

With two charging ports, you can simultaneously plug in two chargers for quick device charging. Marvel at the captivating spectacle of 148 RGB lights adorning the entire body of the KS-16 Alcidae. These lights dance in sync with the music spectrum, casting a mesmerizing array of light effects that add an extra touch of cool to your ride.

Kingsong S16 RGB Lights

Seamless Connectivity with Bluetooth 5.1

Experience enhanced compatibility and data transmission stability with our Bluetooth 5.1 module, ensuring uninterrupted connection and communication.

Adaptive Headlights and Tailights

Illuminate your path with precision using the integrated set of left and right lights – a total of 4pcs 5W lights. The integrated RGB daily lights automatically adjust their color and brightness according to your speed, optimizing visibility in varying conditions. The adjustable angle of these lights ensures optimal nighttime illumination.

Comprehensive Display and Temperature Control

Stay informed with the 32*32 dot matrix display that showcases vital information, including power, speed, fault codes, and a visual spectrum display. Our sophisticated temperature control system continuously monitors motherboard, motor, and battery temperatures to guarantee user safety.

Enhanced Handling and Motor Power

Our new front and rear handle design offers convenience, stability, and reliability in every move. The high-powered 2800W hollow shaft motor delivers a powerful acceleration experience, empowering riders with a thrilling sense of speed.

Cutting-Edge Battery Technology

Powered by LG21700 5000mA cells, the KS-16 Alcidae boasts two groups of independent batteries with a groundbreaking BMS battery management system. This real-time safety monitoring, combined with an integrated aluminum body and battery box design, ensures utmost user safety and a more secure ride.

Innovative Suspension and Comfort

Experience a groundbreaking ride quality with our unique X-shaped connecting rod damping structure. This design, inspired by racing-class lever structures, guarantees robust support and soft linear damping, providing a remarkable balance of comfort and performance.


Elevate your journey with the King Song KS-16 Alcidae, where innovation, safety, and excitement converge to redefine your electric unicycle experience.



Model: KS-S16
Tire: 16 x 3 inch Offroad Tire
Rated Power: 2800W
Peak Power: 4500W
Max. Mileage: ~130 km (based on 20kmph with 60kg rider)
Max. Speed: 50 km/h
Battery: 1480Wh Battery equipped with BMS
Cell:80 pcs LG50LT
Rated Voltage DC 72V
Top Charing Voltage DC 84V
Gradeability: 40°
Suspension: 750 lb spring suspension, mounting hole 195±2mm
Spring Suspension Travel: distance is 51mm, whilethebody suspension travel is 88mm
Pedal Altitude (from ground): 230-220(mm),Standard Angle of 6°
Port: Four-core 12mm aviation head charging port *2;Power switch; Light sensor; 1*USB-A,1*Type-C), output power USB-Aoutput 15W, Type-Coutput 20W.
Speaker: (Configuration of 10W tweeter +15W bass unit) *2
Adapter: Input:AC 100- 240 V ,Output:DC 84V 、5A
Charging Time: With 5A charger, 1480Wh about 4-5h (charge time halved with two same chargers)
Battery Type: LG50LT
Weight: 33 kg (72.7 lbs)
Handle: New front and rear handle design, more convenient, stable and reliable.
Trolley: New front and rear handle design, more convenient, stable and reliable.
Dimension: 540mm(L)*230mm(W)*620mm(H)
Package: 667mm(L)* 362mm(W)*818mm(H)
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Warranty Information

Parts: 1 Year Limited Warranty (6 Months on battery and some parts) | Labour: 1 Year Limited Warranty | Warranty is only against manufacturing defects related to functionality of the product | Warranty Limitations / Exclusion: Damage to the product from misuse and/or neglect, accidental damage, water/liquid damage, salt damage or from not adhering to the instructions in the Owner's Manual. Damage caused by exceeding maximum weight, attempting tricks or running into obstacles like curbs or walls, cut outs, riding over safe/recommended speed, using after market chargers or using fast chargers over the maximum limit, water or liquid damage or submerges into the water. Improper or invalid documentation, including but not limited to lack of a warranty sheet, original invoice or discrepancies on the invoice.
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