Scooter Ride Share

Smart Wheel Canada Investor Service: Ride Share Guide and Product Support

    As Electric scooters grow in popularity in 2019, Smart Wheel Canada has launched its Ride Share Guide and Product Support guide. Understanding innovation and technology is absolutely key to our success. All our products come with a warranty, maintenance support, and a return policy. Our customers come first, we believe in listening and learning. 
What is an electric scooter ride share?
Electric-powered scooters are making their Canadian debut on a 6.5-km route at the University of Waterloo. This trail route will link the University of Waterloo's main campus with its adjacent technology park. Riders use an app that locates the nearest ride using GPS technology and unlocks the bike or scooter. Compared to the other forms of shared mobility, scootersharing can be more hyper-localized and can hypothetically better address the last mile problem. Because scootersharing does not have much market adoption right now because it is a new form of transportation, there are no academic studies that can effectively measure its impact. Overall, it provides urban mobility with fewer carbon emissions compared to automobiles. They take up less space than bikes, so they have potential to increase transit ridership to and from bus lines.
How Smart Wheel can help
Having been pioneers in the industry for 7 years, we are both product experts in terms of knowledge and service. We have experience helping ride share programs and doing large-scale service for others. We will give you the know-how about how to monetize your fleet and keep quality high so that your business will continue to grow
Equipment: Service / Parts & Maintenance
We have a wide variety of escooter options, all of which can be implemented with a QR code to unlock. All are very durable and made to last rough usage. We can also work with developer partners to license a custom app to your business for a branded rental that customers will remember. In your package we will continue to provide maintenance knowledge and tips for part replacement and installation if you are off-location. In Ontario, we will provide the service on-site! 
  Customer Solutions: 
We can offer customized plans for your business needs to help you reach your goals. We will start with a consultation phone call and discuss possible products, implementation, costs, among other things. Each business venture is always a bit different, and our expertise will help you find a solution that is right for your vision.

If you would like to talk about anything, contact us through our Contact us page.