Smartkick Battery Replacement for X7 / X8 / X9 E-Scooter

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 Smartkick Battery Replacement for X7 / X8 / X9 E-Scooter
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Smartkick Battery Replacement for X7 / X8 / X9 E-Scooter

Compatible with Smartkick X7, X8, and X9 e-scooters, offering a seamless replacement solution.
Ideal for extending the scooter's range, allowing for longer commuting routes and extended riding time.
Ensures reliable power delivery, providing consistent performance for a smooth and uninterrupted ride.
Upgrade your e-scooter with this high-quality battery replacement to enhance your riding experience.

X7 Battery:

  • Features a 5.0Ah quick swap battery, offering up to 12 miles per charge.
  • Compact size (48*5 cm) and lightweight (3.3 lbs), making it portable and ideal for backpack storage.
  • User-friendly installation and operation, ensuring convenience for riders.
  • Safely stored in the stem of the scooter, fully weatherproof for durability.
  • Equipped with Smart BMS Protection, including safeguards against overheating, short circuits, over-current, over-charge, and under-voltage automatic sleep.

X8 Battery:

  • Available in 10.4Ah and 12.8Ah capacities, providing ranges of approximately 20 miles and 25 miles respectively.
  • Features two-way charging with a built-in charging port, enabling separate charging from the scooter.
  • Compact size (46*9 cm) and lightweight (6.4 lbs), designed for easy portability.
  • Removable battery design for simple installation and replacement, enhancing practicality.
  • Offers stable performance, reliable quality, and a charging time of approximately 5 hours.

X9 Battery:

  • Longer range, Power lithium battery.
  • Battery Capacity: 15.6Ah / 20.8Ah
    Can support max range ~65 - 75 km
    Removable and Swappable battery
  • Looking to replace existing battery or add an extra battery for longer journeys. With this 15.6Ah / 562Wh Li-ion battery you can go additional around ~65 km. This SmartKick X9 Plus battery is easily removable and can be swapped on the go
  • Incorporates six intelligent protection features against over-charging and over-heating, ensuring safety.
  • Utilizes a high-density power-type lithium battery for efficient energy supply and durability.
  • Features an energy recovery system similar to Tesla, converting kinetic energy into electric energy for extended battery life.
  • Available in two sizes, 15.6Ah and 20.8Ah, offering extensive travel ranges of 60-100 km on a single charge.