Although the Ninebot Z10's demand and interest has been very high for electric unicycle enthusiasts, there are some things you should know. Smart Wheel and many other distributors have been very tentative about bringing in the product and others from Ninebot due to a decline in quality over the years. The overall out-of-box reliability on the Z10 has been quality concern, and Ninebot’s lack of warranty support makes this matter worse. Companies like Smart Wheel have to buy our own parts for repairs, and the shipping time on even the smallest parts can take months to be delivered. Statistics on the internet show a 12% failure rate on brand new Z10’s, and this means customers either returning it altogether or waiting months on a repair that could have been otherwise avoided. (1)

Combining this with the ongoing issues with Ninebot's stingy attitude with dealers equates this to a very difficult brand to deal with. Despite some positive experiences you may read about Ninebot products, with a failure rate so high it is not in our best interest to recommend the Z10 and like scooters to customers. To purchase a Z10 is a gamble of working condition, and if there is a problem it may be expensive and timely to resolve.

If 12% of the Wheel don't work out of the box, the supplier is completely indifferent to product quality. This fact makes it hard on retailers and customers, and this is why we and many other businesses have scaled back all sales with Ninebot. In many cases, this is why we recommend the KingSong, InMotion, and Gotway brands as alternatives to Ninebot – They are much more reliable and easier to resolve issues. Although no brand is perfect, these brands have a much more reliable product with easy replacement-available parts!

An example of a Z10 failure on YouTube

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