The InMotion V5F has been a staple of introductory electric unicycles for a few years now because of its high quality. The 14’’ wheel allows for good range and speed in an affordable package. In this blog, we’ll be going over why this is a great ride for beginners to master the basics of electric unicycles.

Compared to other 14’’ wheels, the V5F has:

  • An excellent Control-board power rating
  • Improved tire durability
  • A 460Wh battery pack with MH1 cells that have high power output ratings

Acceleration: Acceleration on the V5F feels very smooth & confidence inspiring and is easier to learn than larger 16’’ or 18’’ wheels. Even around the unit’s top speed of around 25 km / h, the machine rides solid & safe!

Comfort: The pedals are amazing compared to other beginner wheels. The combination of 14cm height and gripping tread means your foot feels very secure. With a larger foot surface area than any other 14’’ wheel, you will be completely comfortable. Because the battery pack is housed above the Wheel, the V5F is also thin. The side leg-padding and high pedals also mean that sharp turns are easy mode.

Collapsible Pull Handle: This adds so much portability to the already light device, and it doesn't have the appearance of an after-thought. The trolley makes rolling your unicycle as easy as pressing a button when you are tired of carrying it from the normal handle.

Light, buttons, control: To enable the light you can either use the App, or short press the power button. The headlight provides a powerful beam that will give you between 5-10 meters visibility. Tail light is enabled all the time. A small compliant is that there is a 'long-press' to turn-on the Wheel, same for turning it off. One understanding, for safety, the rationale in the long-press to turn-off, but why for powering it on?

In conclusion, the V5F gives the speed and range to make it a viable commuting option like a larger wheel, in a very affordable and comfortable package. 

Safe riding! Feel free to drop a line if you have a question about an electric scooter, or would like a free test ride on any device:

Smart Wheel Canada Inc
3070 Mainway, U#12
Burlington, ON. L7M 1A3, CA