Comparing the KingSong 14S and 16S

Comparing the KingSong 14S and 16S

Kingsong is one the top EUC manufacturers for a reason but choosing what to ride can still be difficult decision. In this article we’ll be reviewing some of the questions we are asked the most about choosing between a KS-14S or a 16S, as well as going over some key features of each machine.


1. For my range requirements, would there be any benefit going to 840Wh, as compared to 680Wh?

If a 40km range would seem adequate for your commuting or recreational needs, a 680Wh battery in the 14S would be just fine. If you prefer to travel much longer distances, it would be wise to invest in the larger machine.

2. What does the difference between a 14" and a 16" feel like?

The 16" should will more stable in most scenarios, but the 14" will be more agile. This will become more noticeable if you are on the heavier or lighter side, as the machine’s actions will be more prominent. Because the 14S is more compact however, some users are able to perform tricks like curb jumping.

3. As a novice user, are the 14'' and 16'' models okay to learn on?

Whatever unicycle or size you purchase, there will always be a learning curve. With the right protection on yourself and machine, an EUC can be easy to learn scoff-free. Starting out at an area like a tennis court with something you can grab onto for balance. If you are still concerned about damage to your EUC, you can add protective foam or tape to certain areas to ensure no scratching or impact damage.

From our customers experiences, it is better to get the biggest battery available because eventually you will ‘outgrow’ your machine and want to move onto an upgrade. In some cases, we hear that people who have downgraded in wheel size felt noticeable drop in stability in turning. It’s not uncommon for us to hear our customers planning for at least a 16" wheel upgrade after only 3 months with a 14" or Airwheel EUC.

Don't forget about weight. The lighter weight of the KS14S will be appreciated by you every time it has to be carried. The KS14S is a fantastic wheel and is very versatile wheel to ride. If on your commute, there is multiple times you have to pick up your machine, this is something to think about. However, because both machines have a retractable handle, this only applies to scenarios where you can’t roll the machine around.

KingSong KS-14S 800W / 840 WH Key Notes

-very nimble, quick turns

-lots of fun, good for tricks / jumping up gutters, recreation

-feels 'more in touch' with the ground

-very responsive, quick acceleration

-USB charging + LED lights

KingSong KS-16S 1200W / 840 WH Key Notes

-larger wheel, more stable

-beginner friendly

-better for commuting

-would be hard to jump up a gutter due to weight

-USB charging + LED lights

Our pick:

KS16S is impressive for the fact it has quality battery, power, range, etc. in a smaller wheel.It's 38 lbs which is considerably higher than the 31 lbs of the KS14S. The 16" wheel is optimal for urban mixed riding because it’s small enough to be versatile, but still have the riding comfort of a larger wheel.

16th Oct 2020 Drew Hartman

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