​Fastest Long Range Electric Bikes in Canada (Update 2024)

​Fastest Long Range Electric Bikes in Canada (Update 2024)

Posted by Smart Wheel on 8th Jul 2024

Electric bikes are getting more popular in Canada. They're good for city travel and offroading. You have good options if you want a fast electric bike that can go far. These can go fast and travel far on one charge.

We'll look at some quick, long-range electric bikes you can buy in Canada. These bikes have strong motors, and powerful batteries, and are made to be fast and last long. You can move quickly in town or go on longer trips because of the capacity of these long-range electric bikes.

The testing and reviewing of the latest and renowned model electric bikes from different companies have been done at SmartWheel to select the top-quality bikes for ensuring a long range with maximized speed.

1. ENVO D50 750W Step-Over Electric Bike

The ENVO D50 is an electric bicycle that's very good for going to work and carrying stuff. It has a strong body and a special front wheel part that helps it ride smoothly on all kinds of ground. It has a strong engine that can go far without needing to be charged again while traveling long distances. It is great for long bike rides where you don't want to stop and charge often. When riding to work every day or going on long trips, these electric bicycles make sure you have a comfy and easy ride.

Highlighted Features:

  • Battery: Big 48V/14AH battery lets you ride far without charging often.
  • Motor: Strong 48V/750W back motor for fast rides over long distances.
  • Frame: Frame made from special aluminum keeps the bike steady and lasting.
  • Suspension: A soft front fork of 80mm makes bumpy roads feel smoother.
  • Brakes: Good brakes that use liquid to stop the bike safely when at speed.
  • Wheels: Strong wheels with double walls to handle pace without breaking.
  • Display: Smart screen that connects to your phone to show ride info.
  • Lights: Bright lights on front and back to help you see and be seen at night.
  • Comfort: Comfy seat and handles to make long rides feel better.
  • Extras: Handy extras like a back rack and stand for everyday use.

2. ENVO ST50 750W Step-Thru Electric Bike

The ENVO ST50 is one of the best fast, long-range electric bikes in Canada. It's good for many uses and doesn't break down easily. You can use it easily in cities or on rough paths. The motor helps you go fast and keeps going well even when carrying heavy things. This long-range electric bike is made to be comfy and reliable. This can be used for short or long rides. These bikes have reliable batteries and hence they can go far and fast.

Highlighted Features:

  • Battery: Big 48V/14AH battery lets you ride far without running out of power.
  • Motor: Strong 48V/750W motor in the back wheel for lots of power and speed.
  • Charger: Fast and safe 54V 2A charger to quickly get your bike ready.
  • Frame: Light but tough bike frame made from aluminum metal
  • Suspension: Shock absorbers for a smoother ride on bumpy roads
  • Seat: Comfortable seat with soft padding and strong post to hold it
  • Gears: 9 different gears to help you ride in different conditions
  • Brakes: Strong brakes that stop the bike quickly and safely
  • Wheels: Tough wheels and tires for a steady ride
  • Display: Screen that shows ride info and connects to your phone
  • Control: Control for power assist and speed tracking
  • Cargo: Rack on the back to carry things
  • Protection: Parts to keep water from splashing on you
  • Lighting: Lights in front and back to help you see and be seen
  • Parking: Stand to keep the bike up when you're not riding

3. Smartkick Z3 Center Drive Electric Bicycle

More people in Canada want electric bikes that can go far without charging often. Smartkick Z3 has a better battery that lasts longer. This bike works well for city trips and long rides on weekends. It is made with light materials and has good motors, so that it can move fast and is easy to ride. The bike is comfortable and tough, which is great for Canadian roads.

Highlighted Features:

  • Battery: Samsung 48V 10.5Ah battery gives 55 km assisted travel.
  • Motor: Powerful Bafang 48V 350W mid-drive for fast acceleration.
  • Speed: Tops out at 38 kph (23.6 mph) for quick, safe rides.
  • Frame: Strong 20" aluminum build for various terrains.
  • Comfort: Front suspension smooths out bumpy rides.
  • Brakes: Reliable Tektro disc brakes for safe stopping.
  • Gears: 9-speed SHIMANO/SRAM system for easy shifting.
  • Display: Bafang LCD shows speed, battery, and ride stats.
  • Pedal Assist: Bafang torque sensor for smooth power delivery.
  • Capacity: Carries up to 75 kg for rider and cargo.

5. Talaria Sting R MX4 Expert Electric Dirt Bike (Manitou Dorado Fork) - Black

Talaria's Sting is a game-changer for electric bikes made for serious riders. The MX4 Expert Edition is even better, with a light frame, powerful motor, and a big battery. It's one of the fastest electric bikes in Canada that can go far on one charge. It's perfect for people who want to ride long distances without slowing down or worrying about the battery. The bike is made to give a smooth ride, even on bumpy ground. For those who love adventure and want a bike that lasts, the Talaria Sting is a top pick.

Highlighted Features:

  • Battery: 60V/45Ah lithium battery for endless riding.
  • Motor: Better motor working at 94% efficiency for great performance.
  • Drivetrain: Gearbox inside for reliable power without wearing out.
  • Charging: Fast 3-hour charging so you can ride again quickly.
  • Suspension: Reliable front fork for a smooth ride on any ground
  • Brakes: Brakes with 220mm disc for strong and precise stopping
  • Display: Big OLED screen shows speed, battery info, and distance
  • Energy Efficiency: Braking that puts power back into the battery.
  • Frame: Frame made of strong 6061 T4 & T6 aluminum
  • Speed: Top speed set to 32 km/h (20 mph) for safety
  • Size and Weight: Weighs 66 kg (145 lbs) with battery, size is 1,880 x 770 x 1,088mm

6. Caofen F80 Electric Motorbike - Off Road Version

The CAOFEN F80 motorcycle is a tough and strong bike for off-road adventures. It's built to last and it can handle rough terrain and different weather conditions. If you're looking for a fast electric bike that can go long distances then it is a great choice. The strong motor, good battery, and tough frame make it good for long trips on bumpy paths. It rides smoothly even on difficult ground and doesn't need much upkeep. This bike is a reliable option for people who love electric bikes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Battery Cooling: Special system helps battery last longer, work better.
  • Maximum Range: 50 miles (smaller battery) or 112 miles (bigger battery).
  • Charging: Smaller battery charges in 2 hours and bigger in 4.
  • Weight: Light at 135 lbs without battery and easy to handle.
  • Speed: Powerful motor reaches speeds up to 53 mph.
  • Weather Performance: Works well in very hot or cold weather.
  • Durability: Built tough to handle rough roads and trips.
  • Capacity: Can carry up to 220 pounds of rider and gear.

7. Kollter ES1-S PRO Electric Motorbike / Electric Dirt Bike

The Kollter ES1-S is a strong electric motorcycle for street riding. This bike is good for both city streets and fun trips. The fastest electric bikes that can go long distances have strong motors and good batteries. They can travel far without needing to charge often. These bikes are fast and can keep going for a long time. They're built tough and ride smoothly. They don't need much maintenance, so people who like electric bikes enjoy using them for long rides.

Highlighted Features:

  • Powerful Motor: 11kW motor providing 70+ mph top speed for thrilling rides.
  • Range: Two 72V,32Ah batteries, 35-70 mile range per charge.
  • Charging: Quick 3.5-hour full charge time.
  • Ride Quality: Light frame, front forks, and rear shock for smoothness.
  • Traction: 21" and 18" wheels with grippy street tires.
  • Strength: 298 lbs bike, carries up to 375 lbs total.
  • Comfort: 31.5" seat height, 15" footrest, 12.6" ground clearance.
  • Security: Keyless start, alarm, smart battery/motor management.
  • Safety: Strong disc brakes on both wheels.
  • User-Friendly: Lit info panel, handlebar brake for easy stops.

12 Important Factors That Must Be Considered When Buying the Fastest Long Range eBike

Some essential factors can positively influence your decision to buy a particular model for an electric bike. The below-mentioned factors are personally employed to review, analyze, and curate the list of fastest long range eBikes.

1. Motor

Wattage affects speed and hill-climbing. Higher wattage means better acceleration and hill performance.

2. Battery

Larger capacity (Wh) enables longer rides. This allows the battery to support longer commutes.

3. Cell Type

Lithium-ion is standard because it is lightweight and long-lasting. Avoid heavier and less efficient lead-acid batteries.

4. Frame

Material impacts weight, durability, and ride. Aluminum balances strength and lightness. Carbon fiber is premium. Steel is smooth but heavy.

5. Tires

Width affects stability and speed. Choose the puncture-resistant options and standard size that influences overall performance.

6. Gears

More gears mean better efficiency across terrains. The gears more than 7 are considered a good option.

7. Brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes are best and also important for safety. Avoid rim brakes for high-speed riding.

8. Weight

Lighter bikes are faster but may sacrifice features. Balance weight with performance needs.

9. Suspension

This Improves comfort but also adds weight. Choose based on riding terrain.

10. Efficiency

A higher range per watt-hour means longer rides. The important factors are motor efficiency, weight, and aerodynamics.

11. Charging

Fast charging is vital and eBike with 3-6 hour full charge time is good for longer range.

12. Controller

This manages power delivery. Quality controllers offer smooth acceleration and additional features.